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     Very impressed with the cleaning services from MaidaValeCarpetCleaners, cheap, reliable, and the service is top notch. No complaints from me.
Aaron Cuerra19/05/2020
     I had a very positive experience with Maida Vale Carpet Cleaning. They cleaned quickly and efficiently on very short notice.
Katie H.19/09/2019
      Carpet Cleaner Maida Vale gave my home a good clean, from the deepest and hardest to reach places to the floors of all my rooms. It only took them a few hours to get it done and they managed it without me ever having to lift a finger except to call them over the phone. If you are in need of speed and affordable prices for chores like these I recommend their services.
     Very grateful to Carpet Cleaner Maida Vale for their fast-acting services. Cleaned my windows on the very same day I called!
F. Lawton31/05/2016
     This cleaning company are the best in the area by far. They helped me with my spring cleaning chores and I saved a lot of money with them. I've used other cleaning companies in the past, but they charge far too much and the job isn't always done properly! With Maida Vale Carpet Cleaning Company, I just know I'm going to get a reliable service and a price that is right for me.
     I wanted my home to be spring cleaned in a really deep and thorough way, but spring cleaning such a big house was too much of a job for just me alone! I thought hiring MaidaValeCarpetCleaners would be a good idea, and they didn't prove me wrong! Fast and effective cleaning, friendly cleaners and an accurate price quote - what else do you need from your cleaning company?!
Naomi M.29/01/2015
     My friend recommended MaidaValeCarpetCleaners to me but I didn't believe her until I went to her place and saw the great work that they had done. She told me that it wasn't too expensive either so I decided to give it a try. They did such a good work in my house as well that I am glad I gave them a call. Some of my furniture is old and needs to be handled with care. Their cleaners were so nice to do that and the floor cleaning service is the best I have seen so far. Thanks a lot.
     I've used quite a few cleaning companies over the years but MaidaValeCarpetCleaners are by far the best, and the quality of their work is very impressive. I've kept faith with these cleaners because they offer such a high standard of cleaning and they don't miss a single mark or blemish. The cleaning they do is set by me - this company works within my instructions and they will happily change course if say I need them to spend more time cleaning the kitchen or the bathroom. The cleaners I receive are very polite and wear uniforms and they always turn up on time and stay for the full time they are contracted for.
R. Thompson05/11/2014
     I work with an advertising agency and it I never have time for house cleaning. As a result, I have become quite familiar with a number of cleaning agencies around town. Given my busy schedule and the limited time I get to relax at home, it's very important for me to work with efficient professionals. I love MaidaValeCarpetCleaners for how competent and effectual they are. If you too are looking for a team that is good at what it does and can guarantee fabulous results, then look no further.
Caitlin S.19/09/2014
     I very rarely have the time or energy to clean anymore, at least not to the high standard that I want my home at. So last week I decided to take the plunge and hire a professional cleaning service. I was a skeptic at first, but after seeing what their cleaners can do, I was blown away! They were friendly, a pleasure to deal with, and the level of cleaning quality was far higher than their prices made me think. In short, MaidaValeCarpetCleaners far exceeded my expectations, and have done their part to lessen the burden of home maintenance. Thank you so much!
Cindy Cross21/08/2014
     Timing was of the essence for my recent cleaning job as it was imperative that it was done quickly. I knew I couldn't have a chance doing things myself so I called up MaidaValeCarpetCleaners. They were able to send their team to my address the same day, so with their help I was able to get all the cleaning done. They brought the right equipment and were able to wash, wipe, clean, dust and more so that every inch of my home looked its best. I don't know what I would have done without them so I give them my utmost gratitude.
Clark Marsh20/06/2014
     I am a caretaker at the local high school and every six months I have to call in a team of commercial cleaners to blitz the whole school and make it look spic and span. In the past I have been quite dismayed by the standards of some of the contractors, however this year I used a different company called MaidaValeCarpetCleaners. I was told about this company by the head of another school who highly recommended them. To sum up, they proved to me that they could show true professionalism and I will be using them both for now and in the future.
Ian M.26/05/2014
     Well what can I say! I stood in amazement just watching these cleaners do their work in my house! I wanted a quick tidy and a clean nothing too tasking but just so I could get on with some work and my word! What a team, they polished, vacuumed, mopped, washed, scrubbed and scoured until my house looked like a show-home. Very, very impressed with MaidaValeCarpetCleaners this is a great company and one that I will definitely be using again in the future. All of the cleaners were very lovely people I could not have wished for anything better.
     As a blogger by trade, I am always out and about finding action to blog about. This means that the last thing I want to do when I come home is clean. I only live in a studio flat but eventually even that turns into a pig sty! I called MaidaValeCarpetCleaners and asked them to come and clean my apartment. They did such a fantastic job that I now have a permanent contract with them to come and clean my home on a weekly basis. I can now spend more time looking for excitement out there, than worrying about cleaning my apartment.
Monica Jameson27/03/2014
     If you have never used MaidaValeCarpetCleaners before, then you really do need to give them a go. The whole package is excellent, from wonderfully polite and good natured staff, to the fantastic cleaning that they provide. You will find few better companies out there I am sure! Whilst I may have not used that many companies for cleaning, I know when I'm in the presence of a great team, and I really get that feeling form this lot. Well worth a trial clean at least, so give them a go as soon as you can!
Faye C.05/03/2014
     I have always been a hands on type of person. I cleaned my home religiously each weekend for years, but could no longer find the time. I hired MaidaValeCarpetCleaners after hearing great reviews from a friend. I was pleased to find that they offered a number of service options, so I could chose how often I wanted their cleaners to come. They were diligent, friendly and affordable. I can still clean my home, but the staff at MaidaValeCarpetCleaners provide a little extra assistance. It gets the job done quick and the staff are friendly. I am really impressed and pleased with their service!
     I love MaidaValeCarpetCleaners and how much they've helped me and my family! I went to a friend's party recently and her house was so immaculately clean. She has a family that's almost as big as mine, and even though she works fewer hours than I do, I still had no idea how she'd managed. She told me that she was hiring professional cleaners and I jumped at the chance when I heard about their great prices. I have so much more free time now I don't have to bother with the cleaning, and my friends and family are always commenting on my house! A great service!

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